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Specialist Pet Care in Las Vegas, NV

Serving the Community for Over 30 Years

Do you need compassionate veterinary care for your pets? At Northwest Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we have been offering pet preventive care and other veterinary services for patients in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas for over 30 years. Our veterinary care practice, led by Jerry P. Gumfory, DVM, will look after each of your pet's needs so they can remain healthy and happy.
Dog and owner at Veterinarian—Veterinary Specialists in Las Vegas, NV

Service Areas:

  • Henderson, NV (Metro)
  • Las Vegas, NV (Metro)
  • North Las Vegas, NV (Metro)

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As a licensed full service veterinary hospital, we ensure the highest standards of quality care for your pets. We aim to provide such quality service for you at reasonable rates. Find out why pet owners all over the area trust us. Call us at (702) 645-7999 today to set an appointment.